Submitting DPI files



1. Characteristics: DPI images may be colour, B&W, or a mixture.

2. Number: Each member may submit up to 3 images plus 1 extra.

3. File names: must be {Title}FCCxxx.jpg where curly brackets surround the title, and xxx is your assigned competition number.
For example, if the title of your image is "Sunny Day" and your competition number is 111 then the file name should be {Sunny Day}FCC111.jpg. 
The image title may contain spaces, but there should be no spaces elsewhere in the file name. 
If you are submitting 4 images, then the 4th (extra) image should be differently identified as X{Title}FCCxxx.jpg (that is, with "X" as the first character of the file name.

4. Re-size images: to a maximum of 1920 pixels wide & 1200 pixels tall (note: this has recently changed).  See the information on resizing in "Further information and advice" below for more explanation and examples.

5. Check the colour profile: - it should be sRGB, with an embedded sRGB profile.

6. Submission: Images must be submitted via Dropbox several days before the competition or selection evening date, as advised by the compiler.

Further information and advice

1. Characteristics: DPI’s should be optimized for projection (slightly stronger colours perhaps?). The photographer is responsible for ensuring that cropping, exposure, brightness, contrast, colour balance, saturation, sharpness etc. are appropriate for each image using image-editing software.  When projected, detail in parts of the image close to black are often lost, so a slight boost to shadows may help. 

2. Number: If the total number of images received for a normal club night DPI competition exceeds 55, then the 4th images from each member will be excluded (this may not apply to some special events).
If you fail to identify your extra image with a prefixed X, the compiler will make an arbitrary decision regarding which one to leave out.

Images previously judged in an in-house competition (Prints or DPI) may not be entered in another in-house competition if they have already scored 19 or above. However, they may be submitted for consideration for Tripod competitions, or as a single print for the annual Dick Barton Cup (at the AGM). Total points awarded for all DPI images (total of Colour and Black & White submissions) obtained during our financial year (i.e. up to the October AGM), will determine the winners of the DPI category.

3. File names: It is important that you advise the compiler of the title of each image, and also your personal competition number, so that the files can be properly identified during projection.
Please don’t include any commas, asterisks, question marks or other non-standard characters in your file names as this causes problems in some cases.

4. Re-size: Currently the dimensions used for projection are usually 1920 pixels wide by 1200 pixels high (not 1400 x 1050 any more).

Any crop shape is acceptable (e.g. square, letterbox, portrait, landscape, etc.), but the width must be no more than 1920 pixels and the height no more than 1200 pixels.  The height limit applies both to landscape and portrait format images.  The projector is always landscape format, and the width and height refers to how the image is viewed when projected. Therefore portrait format images should be 1200 pixels tall. Landscape format images should be 1920 pixels wide (or less if the height would otherwise exceed 1200 pixels). Other shapes are acceptable provided neither the height nor the width dimensions above are exceeded. 

Please do not send undersized files (too few pixels), or the displayed quality suffers.

Note that the DPI (dots per inch) setting associated with your file has no relevance for projected images, (relevant only for prints).

Please don’t submit large files (i.e. larger than 2MB each). After they are correctly re-sized as above, this should produce acceptably small file sizes. If you do not know how to resize an image with your software, see here.

Files should be saved at a high JPEG quality setting.

Images may include a border, provided the maximum pixel dimensions are still respected. For example you may wish to sit your image within an appropriately coloured background canvass size of 1920 x 1200.

5. Check the colour profile: If it is not sRGB, please don’t assign sRGB, but instead CONVERT it to sRGB IEC61966-2.1. Always choose the option to embed a colour profile (if there is that option).

6. Submission: The compilers email address for the current competition will be notified to members separately. Late entries might not be accepted, as the compiler needs sufficient time to process all the images prior to the event.
Dropbox is now the preferred method for submitting image files over the internet. Please contact the compiler for information about your personal FCC Dropbox folder.